What images do you have in your head when you think of Pakistani cuisine and regional dishes? For the most part, people think of the word “spicy.” The lucky feature of Pakistani cuisine is that it incorporates foods and flavors from diverse regions.

Because it combines ingredients from Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Central Asia, Pakistani cuisine is unique. In addition to these wonderful combinations, Pakistan developed its own cuisine, including Haleem and Korma.

Mirchi YYC, the best Pakistani restaurant in Calgary downtown presents to you a few of the many traits of Pakistani cuisine that make it unique:

1. Methods Of Cooking

As was previously said, differences are not limited to the ingredients; important differences also exist in cooking methods. There is a magnificent blending of Indian, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern methods.

Cooks learned from the Middle East to add tiny pomegranate seeds for a sweet flavor to numerous meat preparations.

Unexpectedly, the type of meat may be altered depending on the intended result. Although lamb is the most popular meat, a Haleem can also include beef, chicken, or goat. Throughout the cooking process, yogurt and ghee are usually provided with meats.

2. Their Typical Bread Culture

You’ll immediately notice that both hands are always active if you eat at a Pakistani restaurant in Calgary. The right-hand focuses on the main course while the left hand typically handles roti, naan, or another type of bread.

As is typical in more general Muslim culture, this bread is used to scoop up curries and serve alongside meals. The popularity of chapati and paratha, which combine fried bread with meat and vegetables or dhal, is a result of the significance of the meal and bread combo.

3. Rice And Barbeque

When discussing Pakistani culinary techniques, the tandoor oven is a need. This Pakistani-made oven is used to prepare a variety of foods, including fish, chicken, loaves of bread, and lamb.

People who have eaten Pakistani food often agree that the rice is the best they’ve ever had. The most common type of basmati rice is long grain, and it is frequently used in traditional biryani meals, which are simply spiced rice dishes that may be served either vegetarian or with meat.

4. Home-Made Dessert

How about some nibbles and desserts after the main course? There are several options, including a lot of sugar, ghee, and nuts, which may surprise you (including almonds and pistachios). Unexpectedly, halva, which means “sweet,” is the name of one of the most well-known desserts. This can be prepared using flour, semolina, or carrots, depending on the recipe.

Your dessert will have an obvious pattern thanks to the infusion. Rosewater is one of the most often utilized flower essences that will be added to many.


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