Well, it goes without saying that desi food is heavenly, and not having tried it even once means that you’re missing out on the best things in life. Therefore, in this blog post, Mirchi YYC®, your best desi dishes restaurant in Calgary brings to you the list of 4 incomparable desi foods that would get you hooked the very first time.

So, let’s take a look:


An Indian dish originally from New Delhi, butter chicken is known as murgh makhani. Butter chicken is a scrumptious recipe of boneless chicken breast cooked in a luxurious, creamy tomato and butter sauce. In order to make butter chicken, marinated chicken is first grilled, and then it is served in a thick sauce (also known as a curry), which has an innovative spice blend based on tomato, ginger, and butter.

Butter chicken utilizes tomato as a basis and is cooked in butter, giving it a somewhat sweet flavor, unlike other Indian curries, which start with the production of the base consisting of an onion and ginger garlic paste cooked in oil. Almonds and cashews enhance the dish’s sweetness and richness. This dish is generally served with naan bread some butter on top and onion salad.


Tandoori chicken often referred to as murgh tandoori, is a well-liked dish from North India in which chicken is marinated in yogurt, lime juice, and flavorful spices before being roasted or grilled to perfection. The dish goes well with lime wedges, slices of onion, and green chutney.

Tandoori chicken is a perfect appetizer for every cold evening, as it is loaded with proteins and is super soul-satisfying. In fact, this would get you addicted, making you keep coming back for more. 


Chicken tikka is a super delicious, flavourful, and juicy charbroiled chicken to satisfy your craving for barbecue. It is traditionally cooked in a tandoor and then served with lime halves that are squeezed fresh before consuming for a tangy and soul-satisfying taste. 

This chicken is prepared from boneless chunks of chicken marinated in spices and yogurt that are roasted to perfection in a traditional tandoor which gives it a heavenly smoky flavor. 


Chicken Karahi is a mind-blowing yet a bit spicy dish made with chicken, onions, tomatoes, and freshly ground spices. It is said to have originated from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. It’s, in fact, a thick, jammy gravy that is concentrated in flavor – yum!

Generally, this is served with butter naans and is very satisfying.
All in all, missing out on these would be unfair to food enthusiasts who actually prefer to explore the culinary diversity around the world. So, you are humbly invited to visit the best desi dishes restaurant in Calgary, Mirchi YYC® to relish the best desi dishes and explore desi culture.

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