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Magical Atmosphere

The indoor atmosphere, decorated with locally produced artworks, is very pleasant and appeasing. Service is attentive and courteous.

Great Food

You get to satiate your cravings with our authentic, flavourful dishes. We have an extremely varied menu with something for everyone!

100% Halal Meat

All our non-vegetarian dishes are prepared freshly from 100% halal meat.

Our Forte

Mirchi YYC® is the Best Halal food restaurant in Calgary Nw that recreates the enchanting ambience of traditional Pakistan, serving fresh and delicious Desi cuisine in a casual setting. We satisfy your craving for rich food by serving from the wide range of lip-smacking Halal meats, curries and dishes which makes us the Best Karahi Restaurant in Calgary.

Every single dish that we prepare is an original, and we only use natural spices and ingredients sourced locally. Also, the chefs at Mirchi® have perfected the traditional cooking styles of Pakistan, which means you can taste home-made-like food. Considering the personal preferences of our guests, we also have vegetarian food options for vegans so that everybody enjoys the blissful taste of the soulful delights we lovingly serve.

As the Best Desi Dishes Restaurant in Calgary, we emphasize on the taste and quality of food we serve so that it could please your taste buds every time you visit!

Care And Cleanliness

Mirchi YYC® is still dedicated to offering secure, hygienic surroundings and preserving the highest standards of hygiene. Our Global Caring & Cleanliness Commitment further extends the operational guidelines and resources already in place for colleague and guest safety and peace of mind, guided by Mirchi’s mission of care and experience providing world-class hospitality ever since we launched.

Explore Our History & Concept

Located in Calgary, Mirchi® is a family restaurant that is owned and operated by Amjad Shehzad & Sohail Raja. We have been in the business for over 17 years now and have run and managed more than 4 restaurants successfully. This is another franchise of our restaurant and serves you with mouth- watering food and sparkling drinks that would make your day. A vast majority of visitors also regard us as Best BBQ Restaurant in Calgary Sw. Our main theme is serving pure and authentic, great-tasting freshly cooked Pakistani food in a traditional and casual setting. The food here is served in the same traditional way and hospitality as in the country of Pakistan. Our servers are professionally trained to communicate in local languages fluently

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Meat Curries

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What Client Say's!!

Syed Iqeel
Syed Iqeel
Arrogant staff, pathetic food.. had a very bad experience visiting this place.. total waste of time and money.. butter chicken pieces looked like leftovers and paneer kadhai hardly had paneer.. server has a disgusting attitude and super rude.
sameen zehra
sameen zehra
We were there two times. And both times, the food and services were extraordinary. I literally found an Authentic Pakistani taste only at this restaurant. Rukhsana was amazing. Both times she made sure that we had everything. The service was also so quick, again, I didn't experience such quick service only here. We ordered Karhai, Naan, Biryani and Seekh kabab. All of these dishes were so fresh, and have taste of fresh ingredients. Specially there Naans and Karhai were outstanding. I never wrote a review for any restaurant. But this restaurant really deserve 5 stars review.
Shaiful Chowdhury
Shaiful Chowdhury
We were a big fan of their chicken tikka, and we still are. But today they charged us for literally rotten chicken karahi. It was awful, we paid 15 CAD although we could not eat it. They said, they can't do anything about it. Hilarously, they were asking if we wanted take that home.
Hani Elmahdi
Hani Elmahdi
Tasty food but small portions!
Pudhalvan S
Pudhalvan S
Their website says open till 10pm and We are here at 9.20pm, the first thing the waiter said “no dining we are closing” poor customer service
Sophia Taylor
Sophia Taylor
Incredible authentic daal and paneer curry with freshly made naan. As vouched by my Pakistani partner! Highly recommend.
Mohamed Elsheikh
Mohamed Elsheikh
Great Pakistani/Indian style halal food. I got the Shish Kabab and Butter Chicken. Whoever like spicy food will definitely like it. The Naan is also great! I updated the review to 5 stars after I tried other menu items like Lamb Chops and Chicken Tikka. They were all delicious and spicy 🙂
TI Calculator
TI Calculator
Biryani was drenched in oil (The bag looked worse than the BP spill lol), also ordered the Afghani Tikka which was very dry, portion were small. Lastly, the "fresh" roti had the consistency of a piece of pita left sitting out for 2 days straight. Overall major thumbs down there are better places in the city.

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